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SW Soccer Team Photos this Weekend (Sept 27th & 28th)
Team Photos This Weekend (Sept 27th & Sept 28th)   Attention...
Get Your Gear
In early August, Dick’s Sporting Goods hosted its first ever...
Volunteering Your Time & Skills
I’m excited to share with you that we have approximately 900...
South Windsor Soccer Club Honors Local Student Athletes
    South Windsor Soccer Club Honors Local Student Athletes  ...
SW Soccer Team Photos this Weekend (Sept 27th & 28th)
posted 09/22/2014

Team Photos This Weekend (Sept 27th & Sept 28th)


Attention Club Members,

Team photos will be taking place this upcoming weekend Saturday September 27th and Sunday September 28th.

Various locations will be utilized so please see the schedule below. Every effort has been made to schedule the photos immediately preceding home games that weekend.

To expedite the process, it is strongly encouraged to pre-order online at, click on “Order” and use the code SWSC2014. Manual order forms will be available on photo day.

Enjoy practice this week and get ready to get your smile on!



September 27th  @ CREC School on Chapel Road

7:15  am           BU9 Italy                     BU9 England   

7:30  am           GU9 Italy                     GU9 Spain                   

8:30  am           BU9 Germany              BU9 Australia  

8:45  am           GU9 Ireland                  GU9 England   

9:45 am            BU9 Spain                    BU9 Ireland     

10:00am           GU9 Brazil                   GU9 USA

11:00am           BU9 Brazil                   BU9 USA

12:45pm           TOPS Soccer


September 27th    @ Nevers Park

7:15  am           GU7 Chicago                GU7 Washington          BU7 Los Angeles

7:30  am           BU7 Houston               BU7 Denver                 BU7 Kansas City

8:15  am           BU7 New York             BU7 Philadelphia          BU7 Chicago

8:30  am           BU7 Washington          GU7 Los Angeles          GU7 Philadelphia

9:00  am           BU14A Travel              BU12A Travel

9:30  am           GU7 Boston                 GU7 New York             GD4 Team #1

9:45  am           BU7 Seattle                  BU7 Toronto

10:30am           BU13A Travel              GU12A Travel

10:45am           BU7 Boston                  BU7 Dallas

11:00am           GU7 Denver                 GU7 Dallas

12:45pm           GU14A Travel


September 27th    @ Rye Street Park

7:30  am           BU11 Dortmund           BU11 United

7:45  am           GU11 Dortmund           GU11 Barcelona

8:15  am           BD4 Team 1                 BD4 Team 2

8:45  am           BU11 Liverpool             BU11 Juve

9:00  am           GU11 Juve                   GU11 Chelsea

10:00am           GU13A Travel

10:15am           BU11 Barcelona            BU11 Chelsea

11:00am           BU10B Travel               BU9B Travel

11:15am           GU10A Travel              GU11A Travel

12:45pm           BU9A Travel                BU10A Travel              BU11A Travel

2:30  pm           GU10B Travel


September 28th @ Rye Street Park

8:30  am           Little Kickers U4 Groups 1 & 2

9:30  am           Little Kickers U5 Red, Orange, Navy, Bright Green

10:30am           Little Kickers U4 Groups 1 & 2

3:30  pm           Little Kickers U5 Yellow, Maroon, Light Blue



MAKE-UP DAY          October 11th    @ Nevers        10am-2pm


Make up days are available for players who miss the team photo and would still like individual photos. No appointment is necessary, but please feel free to contact Brian Farrell of Bishop Photo ( ) directly should you have questions concerning the make-up day.



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Get Your Gear
posted 09/17/2014

In early August, Dick’s Sporting Goods hosted its first ever South Windsor Soccer Appreciation Day, an event exclusive for members of the club which provided a 20% discount off anything in the store. Several members of the Board of Directors were in attendance not only to answer questions about the club, but they also demonstrated the proper way to fit a youth player for shin guards and provided answers to the illusive question as to what size soccer ball is used for what age group. With over 100 families from the club making an appearance, the event was well received and provided a great way to have any questions about the Fall season answered ahead of time. If you happened to miss the event but still need some last minute gear; we have 10% coupons for soccer related gear that are still valid.



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Volunteering Your Time & Skills
posted 09/17/2014

I’m excited to share with you that we have approximately 900 players participating in our program this season and a large population of volunteers to ensure things run smoothly.  Over the next few weeks you will see specific announcements for several fall season happenings that our volunteers have been working hard on behind the scenes. The club will be introducing a new local coaching award, a comedy and dinner event that will have you laughing, and  the schedule for upcoming team photos.

Everything that the club does is driven by our volunteers and with those efforts combined we are able to deliver a positive experience to the youth of our town. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and skills, please reach out to me as we have a wide variety of opportunities we could use your help with (there is something for everyone). If you’re already a volunteer, please accept this message as a sincere thank you from the entire organization for all that you do!

Have a great season!

Michael Moriarty
Community Director
South Windsor Soccer Club

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South Windsor Soccer Club Honors Local Student Athletes
posted 09/10/2014



South Windsor Soccer Club Honors Local Student Athletes  




This past summer, the South Windsor Soccer Club was able to honor 3 local student athletes with a $500 scholarship towards their future academic career. Each of the candidates demonstrated success both on and off the field both as a player, referee, and successful student. We are pleased to announce the 2014 Scholarship Winners as:


Rachel Chernik – A long time player and referee with South Windsor Soccer Club, Rachel is involved with many clubs and volunteers her time throughout the year. Being a referee can a be a difficult task in any sport requiring a blend of technical knowledge, decision making and confidence to make the call. Encountering a diverse set of situations which involve players, coaches, and parents each week; Rachel turned her experiences into life lessons that will further support her through the many challenges to come.


Lauren Matone – Actively managing a commitment to soccer as both a club player, high school captain and referee is no easy task. When you factor in participation in the Student Government, Human Rights Club, various literature endeavors and an exemplary GPA; your left with Lauren’s impressive student resume that will serve as the foundation to her professional career.


Michael Tarascio – Michael has demonstrated his leadership and excellence through several channels including his role as the high school soccer team captain, an all-conference player and National Honors Society while still maintaining an active membership within the SWSC as a player and referee. He has managed to achieve a 4.30 GPA and has distinguished himself as a future leader.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and the rest of the organization, we wish Rachel, Lauren and Michael the best in their future endeavors and thank them for over a decade of commitment to the club!



Pictured: Rachel Chernik accepts a $500 from Gary Schoedler, SWSC Director of Coaching


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Our Club

South Windsor Soccer Club was started in 1987 to offer soccer programs to the youth of South Windsor. That first year had over 300 players registered. Today there are over one thousand youths of all abilities playing in a variety of soccer programs including an in-house recreation league, TOPSoccer and full Travel program.

The goals of the Club are to encourage the growth of soccer and to implant firmly in the all members of the Club the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and respect for authority.  

 Mailing Address: South Windsor Soccer Club, P.O. box 641, South Windsor, CT 06074

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