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    Message From the Director of Coaching

    It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to work for the nearly 1,000 players, coaches, parents, and Board of Directors that make the South Windsor Soccer Club one of the best in the state. A club that is built on community and will continue to grow in 2018. As we continue to put players first, I am truly excited for the future of the club and all the great things we can do together!

    Some highlights for the upcoming 2018 year:

    • Player-Driven Pathways-One of the strengths of the club is how many players we have playing in South Windsor. In 2018, we will be more explicit about the pathways players can pass through depending on their passion, love, and fun for the game of soccer. We have an amazing recreation program and travel program. It is a great time to become player-driven and make sure they know all the developmental pathways they have to achieve their own definition of success.
    • Academy Structure-After a very successful fall season of the U8 select and open academies, this spring, we will be growing our academy structure with U6 "2012", U7 "2011", and U10 Academies. These academies will be co-ed and rosters are almost full already. The U8 Select Academies will train on Friday nights and play friendlies against other towns on the weekend. All academy "years" will be trained by professional coaches on Friday nights. Come check it out!
    • Coaching Instruction-Being an educator and coach, one of the most exciting aspects of this position is to raise the level of coaching in South Windsor. There are many untapped resources that we can provide our coaches, as well as relying on each other to support and grow the game. If we can provide a road map of success, while allowing coaches to take risks in training, all for the development of the player, it will be a great year!

    SWSC Coaching Philosophy

    All players are individuals that develop at different stages. A coaching session for different age groups must be based on the principles of good technique, player participation, small-sided games, and enjoyment.

    • Technical Skill - This is the most important component of a young soccer player. At this age it should be the aim of the coach to provide games and activities to enhance their technical level of play. Practices should be structured to allow repetition and progression so that your players can improve in all aspects of their development and technical ability.
    • Player Participation- Player participation is important to keeping young players interested in soccer. The coach should look to use all players in every game/activity to keep them involved, while allowing repeated touches of the soccer ball. The more they play, the more they will enjoy what they are doing and the chance they have of improving their level of play.
    • Small-Sided Games - Games using 3v3 and 4v4, allow all players to be more actively involved. It gives each player more touches on the ball which allows players to have more opportunities to practice their technique. 3v3 and 4v4 are simplified versions of the 11v11 game they will play when they are older. Young players must be exposed to these small-sided situations to learn how to attack, defend, and improve their technique with pressure from opponents.
    • Enjoyment - The main reason most young children play is because it's fun. They prefer to be constantly in motion and not standing around waiting for the ball. Fun activities and small-sided games have replaced immobile drills and large scrimmages. They are more enjoyable and educational.